Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Another night like all the rest....

Barry Manilow again. This time he hits the nail on the head. I feel like a really old lady tonight. When my parents were my age, they made a night of it. Dinner and dancing at the country club followed by breakfast with champagne. I sit at home alone, play online bridge with someone whose name I am not even sure of, drink a warm wine cooler, eat stale chocolate chip cookies with leftover salami and give myself a pedicure.

That is the reality.

In my dreams, I am wearing a beautiful evening gown - ankle length, of course, - in a deep blue - my best color. I have a suave and handsome younger man by my side and we have a ringside table at a swanky hotel with a live orchestra. We dance to the tunes of the big band era as well as a few more modern things - like a rousing rendition of the bump and the electric slide. We may even try to "do the hustle". Champagne flows like water in a crystal and silver fountain and we only need to hold our flute near for a taste. As midnight nears, we slow dance - with a passionate kiss at midnight while the band plays Auld Lang Syne. There is a buffet breakfast with everything you can imagine ready and waiting. When we have had our fill, we slip out of the ballroom and meander through the lobby to the elevator that will take us to our suite for the night.

I'd best keep the rest of that dream to myself.

Maybe next year.....

May 2009 bring peace, prosperity and contentment for all of us.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flea Tick Punch

Tonight was a Girls' Night Out. I met with a fellow blogger (Hey Girlfriend!) and another mutual friend for drinks and dinner. I searched the drink menu for something that would be good and fun. I usually prefer frozen concoctions that are sweet. The server tried to be helpful by suggesting the strawberry daiquiri or something called a strawberry shortcake. Strawberries and I do not mix well, so I flipped to another page and read the ingredients list. Since I like rum, I chose the Flea Tick Punch.

Despite the name, it was excellent. I had two.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Last Saturday I went to the dollar movies and saw Nights in Rodanthe. It was not at all like the book. I kept waiting for the best parts of the book to be depicted in the movie - but it never happened. I guess everything that can be written in a 200 page book will not fit in a 2 hour movie. Oh well.

To balance that experience, I went back to the dollar movies yesterday and saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I thought it would be funny. It did have elements of humor, but did not provide the laughs I had hoped. There was, however, a cartoon before the movie. It was a Goofy classic that I really enjoyed.

Movies have gotten much better through the years - better technology has allowed that. But the cost has become prohibitive for an evening of entertainment. I am thankful to see the movies a little later for only a buck.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One is the loneliest number

I need to learn to like myself. I am alone in this world and probably will be for the rest of my life. I need to be able to get around by myself.

There are some things that I will do alone - go to the grocery, shop at Wally World or my favorite clothes shops. There are a couple of restaurants where I will go alone, but very few. It all goes back to my mother who constantly told me A lady is never seen publicly alone. That was reaffirmed on an early trip I made to Nashville where I stayed at my first highly rated hotel. I went to the restaurant there for lunch - and was told by the host that they do not seat unescorted ladies. It was suggested that I return to my room and order room service. I instead left the hotel and found a McDonald's on my way to my afternoon appointment. I never tried that again.

I did go on vacation by myself a couple of weeks ago. But I didn't stray far from my condo until Prince 2 joined me. I ate in my unit. I didn't even go to the pool alone.

This has got to change. I am not a homebody and I am not happy with my own company. Something has to change.

Maybe an increase in the prozac?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's All Relative

Christmas Day is the one day of the year that the princes and I see our relatives.

In the first place, we don't have very many. I was an only child and both my parents have passed away. On my dad's side, I have one cousin who is 18 years older than me and has nothing to do with me. There were some bad feelings at some point - not of my doing - but they separated our families. On my mom's side, she had two half-siblings, one of whom is still living and invites us for the holiday.

We gather at their home, along with their daughter, her husband and their grown daughter for a wonderful meal and catch up on a full year of events. After a couple of hours, others begin to arrive, usually my cousin's in-laws. That is our cue for departure.

As we leave, there are always promises of more frequent get-togethers. But somehow it just doesn't happen. Life gets in the way. Instead, we just see each other at Christmas.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catch Up

The past few days have absolutely flown by, so this will be a catch up edition.

Sunday, I started the day in 4 different grocery stores trying to find pre-made sausage balls. A friend's parents had invited me to the family Christmas party. I was asked to bring sausage balls. I had no desire to play in the mess and make them, so I was on a mission. I finally found them, thanks to a helpful clerk. The party was fun. I was asked to serve as a buffer between my friend and his parents. It didn't do much good. They were still on his case constantly.

Monday was back to work. I spent most of the day playing Free Cell. We were released at 2, but I didn't head home. I went to Big K to shop for a few things still on my list. Then I went to my favorite Mexican spot for a chicken quesadilla. I ended my evening by joining my officemate/friend and several of her church members singing carols at a nursing home. That was fun and fulfilling.

Tuesday was another work day, with dismissal at 12. I did a few things, but not much. The boss did try to call me in for a conference, but I refused without representation. We made an appointment for next year. Then, since she couldn't have me, she called ALL of us in and made lots of snide remarks. I ignored her. When the day was over, I cleared my desk and wrapped presents. That took a while. I left there about 4, just in time for a party. For 19 years I taught at West End High School. Despite the fact that WEHS made AYP and was declared a Bronze level school through US News and World Report, the school was closed in May 2008. This party was a reunion of faculty and staff members from West End during the past twenty years or so. I really enjoyed it - even if I did have to answer the same questions over and over - especially about the twins, who grew up, cut their teeth, and were pampered by the entire staff there.

Wednesday. This morning I again helped my friend and her church members serve the homeless. They made lunch. I just helped decorate and serve. It was a nice event - and I am pleased to have been a small part of it. After that, Prince 2 invited me to lunch - his treat! Too bad I wasn't very hungry, but it was great company! Later, I joined my friend for a candlelight service at our church, followed by a brief visit with his parents. We then returned to his house where we piled onto the sofa and settled in to watch the classic "It's A Wonderful Life".

That hits the highlights. Have a great holiday everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again, home again jiggity jig

Vacation is over. I could tell when I tried to turn into my driveway. The garbage can was in the middle of it meaning I had to get out and push it to the side before I could come up the hill. Wonder how Prince 2 managed to get up the hill without moving it?????

Of course there were four cars in the drive, all parked haphazardly. My space was waiting for me. I pulled in and stopped to cry because the carport is covered in trash. Cleaning out the trash and blowing out the leaves was one thing on the list they had to take care of while I was gone.

Enter the kitchen. The floor is covered in leaves and pine straw - and the sink is filled with dirty dishes. More things they should have done.

The den is a disaster area. A door has been removed from somewhere and laid across a recliner. There are dirty dishes shoved under the furniture and empty fast food containers/wrappers everywhere. The carpet is thick with dog fur and scratched badly in places. It seems they encouraged the dog to "bury" a bone in the den carpet. He tried valiantly to get it buried, but only succeeded in giving them fodder for a "World's Funniest Home Video" entry. I could also tell that someone had been smoking in my house - a definite no-no and cause for eviction.

My room is supposed to be off-limits at all times. Someone had slept in my bed. Someone had left my computer on and managed to "lose" the network adapters. Someone had covered my bathroom floor in baby powder.

I went off badly. I am so angry I cannot see straight. And the response I got was "Just chill. We'll take care of it."

It better happen quickly. A friend invited me to his parents' home for their Christmas party tomorrow. I called his mom and asked what I should bring - ever the polite Southern bell. It was suggested that I bring sausage balls. I stopped at WallyWorld to pick up some pre-made that you heat and serve. Of course, they had none. I got the ingredients to make it from scratch, but I can't do that until my kitchen is clean.

How long till spring break?


Here at my beach side condo, my favorite spot is the balcony. While there are 96 of them in the building, each seems to stand alone, providing a solitary view of the gulf and its intricacies and the beach activities.

My habit is to take a seat on the balcony first thing in the morning while I have my first dose of caffeine - a diet Dr. Pepper or its generic equivalent. I watch the early morning beach walkers get their exercise or just stroll leisurely along the water's edge. I enjoy the antics of the very young children, taken out early to avoid the harmful rays of the sun, as they tiptoe into the water for their first experience with its powerful tides. I particularly enjoy the lovers - hand in hand as they meander along the shore, sometimes stopping to investigate a particularly interesting shell or just for a hug or passionate kiss. Often these are the "more mature" lovers - many of whom have shared the joys of beach walks for fifty years or so.

Later in the day, I go to the balcony for my sunbathing time. If you could see me in my swimsuit, you would understand why I choose to do that more privately. I get myself all set with a huge glass of juice, a juicy romance novel, my cell phone and prepare for my sun worship time. I usually last about twenty minutes before I burn. Often I repeat this experience several times throughout the day.

At the end of the day, I again retreat to the balcony to watch the sunset, its brilliance more vivid against the ocean horizon. This time I take a camera - or more recently the cell phone camera - and make sure that I capture the moment for eternity. A couple of times I have had the privilege of being an uninvited guest at a sunset wedding on the beach. These are extra special.

When the princes were much younger, I would frequent the balcony again after they had fallen asleep to reflect upon the day and just relax. Back when I had a husband, we would share this time, sometimes wrapping up in blankets to fight off the night chill from ocean breezes. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

I chose this topic for today because Prince 2 used the same topic for his blog today on myspace. He, like me, finds solace on the balcony here at the beach. He suffered a shock yesterday. His friend's mom died - very unexpectedly. Prince 2 had talked with her several times since he had been here, discussing their mutual concern for her son and his current lack of direction. Prince 2 had promised to call her again after he slept on the problem and had some thoughts for solutions. Instead, he had a phone call informing him of her demise. He retreated to the balcony, not only for privacy for his phone calls, but also seeking the comfort of the timeless movement of the ocean its soothing sounds as the waves break near the shore.

Balcony = Peace.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vacation - Day 3

Can you say slug?

That was me. All day. I never moved, despite good intentions.

About 7, Prince 2 showed up, knocking at my door and informing me that he is here for the rest of the week. Cool. No more lonely. Just double the expenses as he eats a lot. He won't eat the stuff that I eat either. Oh well.

He wanted to dine at his favorite local seafood spot, so we took off down the beach. It was closed. We went to Waly World to gather his foods and pick up a swimsuit for him as he couldn't find any of his. Then we went on a hunt for an open restaurant. That was harder than expected. We finally found a place in Pier Park open and managed to find something we could afford. Pronouncement: Very Good.

He got the DVD player working, so we/I watched a movie. He left in the middle to visit with friends from when he lived here last winter.

Alone again, naturally.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Vacation - Day 2

I made it to the Welcome Breakfast (but I had already eaten) and stayed for the owners' meeting. Me and one other person.

No decrease in fees coming - but should be no new assessments either as many major repairs have been completed recently. We still need to replace the living room furniture -most has been here since I bought here 18 years ago.

Pray for no hurricanes. They always get my townhouse unit.

I also made a pilgrimage to Wally World. I wandered through the aisles of Christmas decorations and made a few purchases. Not much, but it was an outing.

For dinner, I cooked my traditional holiday meal - a turkey and dressing with sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce. Had to cook here since my kitchen at home is a disaster area.

Napping has been my favorite pastime.

Jealous? I will be here again for spring break. Come with me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Yesterday I packed my suitcase and loaded my car. I drove to my condo at the beach.

By the time I arrived, it was dark.

I managed to get all my stuff in - losing only a box of tissues and my cell phone in the process. They called from the front desk with my cell phone, but the box of tissues never reappeared.

This morning, I awoke to the sun streaming through the sliding glass doors of my bedroom - and the sounds of the waves as they hit the shore and dissipate into the sand.

Two brave souls froliced in the waves, a few more walked the shoreline looking for shells or enjoying the exercise. There is an indoor heated pool and hot tub near the beach. That is where I plan to spend my time.

I ventured out today only for groceries.

Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

I hate being here alone. I invited everyone I know to join me, but no takers. I don't understand that. I love the beach in all seasons.

I took some pictures to post for you, but my tech skills are severely limited. Help!


A few days ago I blogged about a forbidden/unwelcome person coming to one of my hearings and having words with my boss about it. As I mentioned then, that person was a state senator, etc.

Well, on Friday KARMA happened. Another forbidden person showed up for my hearing. This time a judge. And not just any judge but the chief judge of the circuit where I will most likely practice. What to do?

I did exactly what I did before. I informed him that hearings are for students and their parents or legal guardians. He thanked me and left. Class act. I was impressed.

Now I still need to decide how to deal with the boss, as we have our "discussion" scheduled for next week. I have my union rep on standby.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have a will. It should be simple. Anyone over 18 can have a will - if you have the capacity to understand what you are doing - and capacity is easier to have for a will than for a contract.

So why was my wills exam the worst one I have had in four years of law school?

I spent more than two hours taking the exam. That has never happened before. I am usually among the first to finish and do fairly well. I did finish in the first ten or so, but we were all hanging with it.

Part of the problem is that there were two sections of the class - two different teachers - but only one exam. The other teacher wrote the multiple choice section of the exam. My teacher wrote the short answer questions. They will grade the tests the same way. My teacher felt that a couple of the multiple choice questions were poorly written, so he allowed us to write explanations as to why we chose our answers.

I filled in the back of 21 pages of the test with my reasons - and explained a widow's elective share on the 22nd page. The test had 23 pages of questions.

Maybe I talked my way through it. I can only hope.

And I did follow it with not just one but TWO margaritas.

I slept well.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can I just quit now?

Through my job, I participate in a Deferred Retirement Option Program. I just started it in August, and I have to work at least three more years to benefit from it. Financially, it will be well worth the effort.

But I'm not sure the job will allow me to make it that far.

Don't get me wrong - I really like what I do for a living. Most of my co-workers are also good friends - some I have worked with for many years.

But the boss is another story.

She can't keep her stories straight. She will tell me one thing and my co-worker another. When we make a decision in a meeting, she conveniently forgets it when she wants.

She did that to me today. We - as a group - made a decision back in August about one factor that may influence our jobs. We all agreed to handle in the same way. Today, I was confronted with a person in my meeting whose presence was in violation of that agreement, so I invited him to leave. He refused. He argued. He made smart remarks and derogatory remarks. He happens to be a state senator married to a local politician. When my security officer took him out - he went to tattle. The boss immediately "forgot" the agreement we made back in August and demanded that I allow him to attend. I refused. She demanded. I left it with her and walked out.

Of course, she wanted a private meeting after it was over to discuss my transgressions. I also refused that. I will not meet with her again without representation. If she has any more meetings with us as a group, I will record them - on my cell phone as a video and download to the internet if I must - to prove what happens. (Hey Lisa - I may need help with that!)

Now I need a margarita.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

One victory - two victories!

My exam Wednesday night was a buggerbear. I walked out thinking it could go either way. Teacher insisted it would be Sunday before he sent us our grades and went to the extreme in explaining how he would send them.

Thankfully, I went out of town Thursday and forgot to worry about my grade. By the time I got home, I had a fever of 103 and went directly to bed for 36 hours. Sometime in the middle of that, the grade came via email.

I was thrilled to pass - and not even just barely pass.

Then today, while driving from work to a meeting with the rest of the evening filled with errands that had to be run, I get an email informing me that my MPRE score is now available. Driving the interstate at 70 mph, I am trying to figure out if I can download acrobat reader onto my Blackberry. I finally gave up and tried to forget it.

Finished everything and got home. I immediately went to the email to check the score. But I had forgotten that my desktop and acrobat reader are feuding and won't cooperate. So I had to fire up the laptop and get there again.

I passed the MPRE with points to spare. Whew!

Two victories!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

And the winner is........


Not that it makes me happy, but...

Alabama's coach pulled some nasty tricks during the Auburn game - to the extent that even a few Bama fans took issue.

My guess is that Karma came into play. It usually does.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One down

One exam finished - one next Thursday.

The one tonite exhausted me.

Maybe it would be better if I studied. I fear I have forgotten how to do that. I attend class every week - never miss a lecture. I don't read. I don't study. I just listen and absorb information.

When it comes time for a test, I may review the notes once or twice, then I am finished.

This time, I just don't think that was enough.

I should know by Sunday.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is it time to panic?

My first exam of the semester is tomorrow. So far, this class has been a downer. I have done well on the pop tests and with class participation. I bombed the midterm and fell further with the paper. Yet I feel confident about the content and material of the class.

To make it even better, my laptop died on me last week, just before this class's review. I took notes the old-fashioned way - on paper with a pencil. I wrote 11 pages of notes - and I can't read any of it.

Thanks to all my friends who have sent me notes to help me through. I will spend some time in review tomorrow afternoon then go take the test. It can't get much worse than it already has in there.....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Day

In comparison to that "sunny day" that is often sung about, I am having a lazy day.

I have still not gotten dressed yet today. I did put on flip-flops and a snuggly robe though. It gets cold at my computer.

Not sure of the reason for this lazy day. It could be a couple of things:

1. Depression: After the post I made last about the break-up, I suppose I may be having a delayed reaction depression now that some of the anger has subsided. Added to the fact that I don't usually take prozac on weekends, this could get serious.

2. Boredom: Despite the fact that I work a full-time job, attend law school part-time, have two kids still at home, sit on the Board of Directors for two state professional organizations and for two non-profits, I am easily bored. Guess I am a little ADHD in that I need to have my mind constantly engaged.

3. Avoidance of housework: I hate housework. I would love to live in an immaculate home that would happily grace the pages of Southern Living, but I just can't stand to clean it. And I can't afford to hire it done at the moment. And the two princes that live here with me don't see a need for any clean up process. So, it overwhelms me and never gets done.

I did have a couple of minor bursts of energy today. I gathered garbage from around my room to be taken out - and washed three loads of clothes. No much, but on days like this, you take what you can get.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Just when you think

that everything is going well - working in your favor - then all hell breaks loose and you find out that you are being screwed 90 ways to Sunday.

That is the way I feel today.

The man I am in a relationship with sent me mail today - I thought. It seemed to be a love letter. "I miss your kiss - your hugs - being held in your arms."

I read a bit closer and discovered the letter was written TO him and was not FROM him.

I was crushed. I am hurt. I wanted to scream and cry and beat the hell out of him.

Why did this letter come to me? I may never know. I followed it with an "it's all over" letter. This time I mean it. I have to be through. I can't take anymore heart ache and pain caused by screwed up, cheating men.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Off work.

Shopped - Bought shoes, cute suit at real bargain price, Christmas gifts for the office and some really cheap gas for here.

Doctor visit - I am healthy and well. Lose weight. Drink more water. Decrease stress in your life.

Filled prescription.

Ate lunch.

Went to help friend prepare the room for s dinner for the homeless.

Class. Last one in this subject thankfully. Review for exam next week.

Back to the dinner to clean up.

Home by 11.

Read the emails, forums and blogs. Write this.


Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Tonight I went to a revival with one of my co-workers. At first I was thinking - "Why do I bother to keep my word when no one else does?" Then I realized that I was where I was meant to be.

Earlier as I left work:
Phone rings. Prince 1 is calling: Mom?
Me: Yes dear?
Prince 1: Brother is not feeling good and wants you to stop and get him some medicine.
Me: What is wrong with him?
Prince1: He has a sore throat, cough, body ache. He says get Robitussin and Chicken Noodle soup.
Me: OK. I'll be home soon.

I get in the grocery store. Phone rings. Prince 3 is calling: Mom?
Me: Yes, Son.
Prince 3: You aren't gonna like this.
Me (dreading what comes next): OK. What is it.
Prince 3: I got a speeding ticket.
Me: But you don't even have a driver's license (he lost it by not paying three speeding tickets earlier this year).
Prince 3: I know. I gave them Brother's (other state) license.
Me: I'm hanging up now. I am too mad to talk to you.

The next call was from Prince 1: Mom?
Me: Yes.
Prince 1: Don't come home.
Me: I don't think I will. (I am hearing Princes 2 and 3 scream at each other using violent threats and curses)

I drove up to the house, put the meds and soup out of the car and left. I went to church for revival. Now I feel MUCH better.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe Next Time

When I think about a topic - like the time I am wasting - I will stick to the topic and not be dragged to other thoughts.
I actually meant to come back and write about all the time I waste playing games on this computer. Instead, I just let the maudlin love song hang around for days. Guess I was too busy moving from 77 to 78 million in my game of Bejeweled.

It is very hard for me to believe that so much of this year has passed. I have only the one semester left in law school after this one - and registration for that come in today. I just realized that there are only ten more days in 2008 when I will be actually "at work" and that excites me - especially when I think about the week I will be spending at the beach! That is my treat for me after finishing this semester - and will allow me to spend some focused time on that dreaded MicroMash program.

I want to give a shout out here to my friend - Twisted Lisa. Reading her blog made me want to write my own - and knowing the real Lisa makes it even better. The other blog that I read often is My Tiny Kingdom. We have the twins thing in common. When I have my vacation, I'll try to read a few more blogs - and maybe improve mine a bit.

Hope all is well. Don't waste too much time reading all this verbiage from the computer though. Life is actually happening while we do it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Time's a-wastin'


What a subject! So much has been written about the value of time. It has come to my attention lately since I heard a wonderful combined middle school choir sing "Seasons of Love" from the musical RENT.
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure the life of a man?

Put the word time in the search bar for song lyrics and you can spend days looking at all the entries.
My all time favorite is a piece by Barry Manilow - rarely heard - sad but timeless:

I never thought there could be a love like yours and mine
I never dreamed that I would see the day that I would find
A love that feels so right, but here we are tonight
And now the only thing we really need is time

We live on borrowed time
No one can be sure when the loan will finally come due
But I'm loving all of mine, I know what time is for,
I've borrowed it so I can spend it all right here with you

There was a time when I believed that life held guarantees
There was a time when I was sure my future was secure,
But life had other plans, the future's in God's hands
And knowing that just makes me love you even more

We live on borrowed time
Yesterday is past, tomorrow seems a million miles away
But I promise you that I'm gonna make love last
By living every moment, every hour, every day

Now we may have a year, or we may have a lifetime,
No one can be certain what the future will allow,
But you and I are here, and this time is the right time
'Cause one thing that I know is that we have each other now, and now,And we live on borrowed timeLet's celebrate and sing as we walk bravely into the unknown'Cause we're gonna be just fine, whatever life may bring,We'll face it all together and we'll never be aloneWe'll face it all together and we'll never be alone

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Not much.

It was Sunday. I slept late - till after 10. I waked up Princes 2 and 3 so they could be at work by 11. They did not appreciate my efforts. But they got up and went to work.

I crawled back in bed and started on MicroMash. After a few quizzes, I decided to get breakfast. After that, I hung up all my summer clothes that were piled on the bed. And I hung the fall/winter clothes that were on the bed in a different pile as well. Not that the bed got cleared, but it is better organized and the tv is now visible from my pillow. I found the rest of my cosmetics too! Maybe I will start using them more. No promises though.

I did venture outside - and found it much colder than expected. I may need my heavy coat in the morning. I will look at the weather before I dress.

Until tomorrow.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


One week ago I decided to blog.

I know, it hasn't been that long so it may be very early for reflections, but I am in that kind of mood, so here goes.

I am sad that I only have one follower to date - and no comments regarding any of my posts. If anyone can tell me how to get better read, please do.

I am pleased that Prince 3 got a job this week. Maybe soon he will again pay his own car note and phone bill.

I am proud that Prince 2 got his GED this week. I knew he could do it, he knew he could do it, but he wouldn't try for the longest. Now it is over and he can move ahead. I now hope he takes advantage of his opportunities.

I am happy that Prince 1 chose to spend a part of his birthday with me. He even got a tear in his eye when he read my card. Was it from the lovely sentiment written inside or the size of the check included? I'll never know.

At work, I had a short week. The school system was shut down on Tuesday for Veterans' Day. On Thursday, I took a half day off to attend a City Leaders Breakfast. On Friday, I took the entire day off. I went to the doctor to get my prescriptions filled. He was pleased. My blood pressure (top number) was down 65 points and my weight was down 33 pounds. All since June. I got six months worth of my meds and we all left happy. My hearings were few since I was not at work much, but the reports are still on my desk waiting to be written.

At school, I had a better than expected score on my pop test from last week, so my ego was soothed a bit there. The MPRE is over, so I can concentrate on preparing for the MBE again with my studies. I am keeping up fairly well for an old lady.

At home, I need to make major improvements. I feel like my house is falling down around me and I am drowning in clutter. But it doesn't matter enough to me to do anything about it - and it doesn't matter at all to anyone else who lives here. I know it would help if everyone would do even ten minutes a day of cleaning - but it just doesn't happen. I feel so overwhelmed by mess that I won't even start the process. It has to happen though - even if it a few months down the road. I must get the house together and then try to sell it.

All in all, life is good.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why is it that every once in a while we get so tired we drag around like we have lost our best friend?

I am having a spell of that malady.

I put on a new suit this morning with a cheerful sweater in teal and rose, slathered all the cosmetics on my face that my Mary Kay lady could talk me into buying - and all day everyone told me how tired I looked.

By the end of the day the idiom had become fulfilled. I was so tired I could barely drag myself into the house.

And to think that I had planned to have a wonderful day - filled with energetic activity.

It just didn't happen.

Oh well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accentuate the positive

I really wanted to write some scathing negative comments tonight, but I had to tell myself that it would accomplish no real purpose. So I will try to be upbeat and positive.

It was a lovely fall day. Winds blew the leaves through the parking lot at work and caused their multitude of colors to form a beautiful fall array. I had lunch with my friend at her school - actual lunchroom food - that was pretty good. Best of all, it was shared not only with my friend, but also with several of her coworkers. We had several good laughs and lots of camaraderie. I did enjoy that.

Had a mandatory meeting at the office later. We saw two videos on homelessness and the McKinnie-Vento act that governs education of the homeless. I will withhold comments on that other than to say that I feel the act may go a bit too far in giving some of these kids something they have not earned. On the other hand, there but for the grace of God go I.

Had another lively conversation with the parent from Monday that still just doesn't seem to understand. She claims she gave the school a piece of paper from the doctor when her child was in elementary school and someone at the Board told her it should be in his file. The paper is not in his file at the school. She has moved and changed his school four times since she claims she gave the school the paper. For whatever reason, the paper is gone. No school official can call the doctor and get another piece of paper giving the child's diagnosis. Mom has to get that and then give it to us. She claims she did. We are in a vicious circle. I can't produce the piece of paper - nor can the school - and mama won't get another because some nameless person at the Board told her it should be in the file. She just can't understand that "should" and "is" are two different things.

I do feel good about a bargain I picked up tonight. Prince 3 finally got a job. He will be working for the same company as Prince 2, but in a different location. They are required to wear a shirt of a specific color - and it must be 60% cotton and 40% polyester (or something) so that it is very soft knit. They heard the shirt could be found at a local discount store, so they met me there after class and I bought two of the shirts - one for each prince. Only $20 each. Ugh. But I did find a pair of shorts on the clearance rack by my favorite designer for only $3. They came with a really cute black belt - and I would have paid more than $3 for the belt, so I really feel like it was a great purchase, even if I have to wait 6 months to wear the shorts. The belt will get worn before that!

The two princes have gone to a movie with a friend - and I am home alone again. It is late though and tomorrow is another day. I will climb under my covers and read until I sleep. Nite!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Prince 1!

Happy Birthday to my eldest son! He turned 23 today. We met for lunch at Olive Garden - his favorite spot for birthday dinners and other important stuff for the past few years. Joined by his brothers, we had a pleasant meal. They all had the Tour of Italy, but I can't eat that much at all, so I had lasagne. Prince 1 asked that I bring the cake along, so we had that for dessert. We all left full and happy.

Prince 1 has been growing his hair for several months - and it now is longer than mine. I kid him frequently about what a pretty girl he makes with all that hair. I was pleased when he informed me that his girlfriend had given him a haircut at an expensive salon with a stylist that specializes in curly hair. We all asked for a picture via phone after the cut. Hours later, still no picture, so I sent a text requesting it. He sent the picture. I was so disappointed. The hair was merely trimmed a bit - not cut into a manly style as I had hoped. Oh well. Maybe someday he will see the need for a professional look.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Monday means mail. I love to check my mail box and find interesting stuff in there addressed to me. I miss that minor thrill on Sundays and holidays.

Today in my mail was a catalog called Bare Necessities. Yes, it is what you think - an underwear catalog. Mostly it is well-developed women modeling matching sets of rather modest undies. My favorite part was the few hot shots of male models. What really shocked me though was the prices. A plain white cotton tee shirt - shown on a Chippendale quality male - sold for only $88. That is not a typo folks, I said $88. For one white cotton tee shirt to wear under the dress shirt. Guess you can tell I won't be shopping from that catalog - especially for the men in my life. WallyWorld has plain white tee shirts for a whole lot less. In fact, I could dress one of my guys from the skin out for that amount.

Monday also meant back to work for me. My morning was not too bad - two girls with attitudes who want to be as grown as their teachers and push them around. Easy dealings. The afternoon was more challenging, although not in the way I expected. My first afternoon appointment was with a woman whose other son I saw last week - and she was not happy with me at all. I do believe that she used the words "stupid-ass honky bitch who graduated from that second-rate Birmingham school system" when she called me Friday to tell me she would have her attorney with her today. Somehow I never started shaking in my boots. She just didn't show up at all. Fine by me. But the next mama was almost worse. Her son had - without provocation - beat another student in the head until he fell to the floor and he had directed at least two other students to slap the boy as well. Mama seems to think that is perfectly alright and had at least ten different excuses for his behavior that she spouted over and over. She actually stated that the school system should hire someone to sit with her son all day to help him control his temper. How about she just uses some good old-fashioned ass-whipping?

Also today was my attempt to fulfill my civic duty. I attended the local school system's Board of Education meeting. Sometimes I am really not at all sure why I do that. Tonight was one of those nights. I do, however, get some minor amusement from the members of the Board attempting to ask "intelligent" questions on educational issues when they really don't know squat and the ignorance shines through.

It was Monday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

It started as a wonderful day. I woke up about 7, dressed and left the house, stopping by MickeyD's for my daily dose of Diet Dr. Pepper. I got to WallyWorld before they unlocked the doors. My sole purpose was to buy a USB port hub. I have way too many things that need to be plugged in and only two spots for USP connections on this computer. Of course, the wonders of Wally World attracted my attention and I found several things I just had to have in addition to that hub. I did get out of there for less than $100 though - and that in itself is an accomplishment.

Next stop - my office. I know. It is Sunday. But I have allowed the work to pile up this week by leaving the office early several times instead of getting it done before I go home. So, I had a stack of folders on my desk that needed to be handled.

You may be wondering at this point just what I do to earn money. Sometimes I wonder about that myself. My official title is Hearing Officer. In layman's terms, I expel students from school or send them to the alternative program - after I give them an opportunity for due process. Sometimes I actually reinstate them to school and direct the staff to do more interventions. I only get to see kids who have problems - whether it is the first time or the tenth. Very sad. Too many pressures on kids today - and not enough firm guidance from home for many of them. I don't need to start on parents today - I will save that for another.

Today I wrote reports that sent six students to alternative school and expelled two. That was only since Wednesday - and doesn't include the two I expelled on Thursday since I had already typed those reports and mailed them. Those two get a calendar year as they were gun related. The other two today - one can come back in January and the other needs to move on to a GED program. That makes me a racist meanie, according to the parent. Oh well.

When the reports got done, I did a bit of preparation for my final exam in Wills. The teacher gave us a list of statutes to know and certain parts of the Uniform Probate Code to be familiar with. I compiled all the information into one 57 page document. Now I have a month to memorize it. Wonder how many of my classmates would be willing to pay for the compilation? Maybe I could pick up a few bucks.....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Saturday Night

It is another Saturday night. On these evenings, I am reminded of that song: Another Saturday night and I ain't got no money -
Seems like that is always the way it is for me. I get paid, I pay the bills. I'm broke.
The story of a mom with three sons - two still living at home and costing me big time. They keep promising to move out, but it just doesn't happen. So they stay home and I stay broke.

Now to give you a bit more about me, since we are just beginning our friendship here. I am past middle age, actually just entered the "senior savings" stage. I have been married twice and have three sons, as previously mentioned. I work full time and go to school part time, at least for a few more months since I will graduate in May. Internet bridge is my favorite passtime. I actually love my job, but I generally don't like my boss. My co-workers are mostly wonderful and I have an awesome secretary. I am also owned by an 80-pound lap dog who sheds heavily and eats constantly.

I decided to start blogging as I enjoy writing and don't often get the chance to write strictly for pleasure. I feel that is important. I think I may have some things to share with the world. We'll see how it goes.

Back to Saturday nights. The football game just ended and my team won today, unlike the past few Saturdays. I am not a fair-weather fan - I am AUBURN all the way. But I am not an obnoxious fan - not loud and ostentatious. I just quietly wear my Auburn shirts and post those silly jokes that come through my inbox on my office door. My oldest son tried Alabama, but was never a football fan. The other two were Auburn fans with me as long as Auburn was winning. This year, they are Alabama fans - almost to the point that I expect them to move into a trailer, buy a pick-up truck and hang a shotgun in the back window. Stereotypical Alabama fan syndrome. I hope not.

Since the game is ended, I need to find something else to watch. I am a huge Lifetime fan, so I will find a movie rerun there to entertain myself. If I am awake, I may play bridge a bit later with some internet friends from all over the world. We play this tournament at 11:00 p.m. EST to accommodate our friends from Down Under. Keeps me up late - and I have become a big fan of sleep. While I decide, I will curl up in my bed with a good romance novel and probably fall asleep.

Another Saturday night with the redqueen.