Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home again, home again jiggity jig

Vacation is over. I could tell when I tried to turn into my driveway. The garbage can was in the middle of it meaning I had to get out and push it to the side before I could come up the hill. Wonder how Prince 2 managed to get up the hill without moving it?????

Of course there were four cars in the drive, all parked haphazardly. My space was waiting for me. I pulled in and stopped to cry because the carport is covered in trash. Cleaning out the trash and blowing out the leaves was one thing on the list they had to take care of while I was gone.

Enter the kitchen. The floor is covered in leaves and pine straw - and the sink is filled with dirty dishes. More things they should have done.

The den is a disaster area. A door has been removed from somewhere and laid across a recliner. There are dirty dishes shoved under the furniture and empty fast food containers/wrappers everywhere. The carpet is thick with dog fur and scratched badly in places. It seems they encouraged the dog to "bury" a bone in the den carpet. He tried valiantly to get it buried, but only succeeded in giving them fodder for a "World's Funniest Home Video" entry. I could also tell that someone had been smoking in my house - a definite no-no and cause for eviction.

My room is supposed to be off-limits at all times. Someone had slept in my bed. Someone had left my computer on and managed to "lose" the network adapters. Someone had covered my bathroom floor in baby powder.

I went off badly. I am so angry I cannot see straight. And the response I got was "Just chill. We'll take care of it."

It better happen quickly. A friend invited me to his parents' home for their Christmas party tomorrow. I called his mom and asked what I should bring - ever the polite Southern bell. It was suggested that I bring sausage balls. I stopped at WallyWorld to pick up some pre-made that you heat and serve. Of course, they had none. I got the ingredients to make it from scratch, but I can't do that until my kitchen is clean.

How long till spring break?

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