Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Another night like all the rest....

Barry Manilow again. This time he hits the nail on the head. I feel like a really old lady tonight. When my parents were my age, they made a night of it. Dinner and dancing at the country club followed by breakfast with champagne. I sit at home alone, play online bridge with someone whose name I am not even sure of, drink a warm wine cooler, eat stale chocolate chip cookies with leftover salami and give myself a pedicure.

That is the reality.

In my dreams, I am wearing a beautiful evening gown - ankle length, of course, - in a deep blue - my best color. I have a suave and handsome younger man by my side and we have a ringside table at a swanky hotel with a live orchestra. We dance to the tunes of the big band era as well as a few more modern things - like a rousing rendition of the bump and the electric slide. We may even try to "do the hustle". Champagne flows like water in a crystal and silver fountain and we only need to hold our flute near for a taste. As midnight nears, we slow dance - with a passionate kiss at midnight while the band plays Auld Lang Syne. There is a buffet breakfast with everything you can imagine ready and waiting. When we have had our fill, we slip out of the ballroom and meander through the lobby to the elevator that will take us to our suite for the night.

I'd best keep the rest of that dream to myself.

Maybe next year.....

May 2009 bring peace, prosperity and contentment for all of us.

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