Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can I just quit now?

Through my job, I participate in a Deferred Retirement Option Program. I just started it in August, and I have to work at least three more years to benefit from it. Financially, it will be well worth the effort.

But I'm not sure the job will allow me to make it that far.

Don't get me wrong - I really like what I do for a living. Most of my co-workers are also good friends - some I have worked with for many years.

But the boss is another story.

She can't keep her stories straight. She will tell me one thing and my co-worker another. When we make a decision in a meeting, she conveniently forgets it when she wants.

She did that to me today. We - as a group - made a decision back in August about one factor that may influence our jobs. We all agreed to handle in the same way. Today, I was confronted with a person in my meeting whose presence was in violation of that agreement, so I invited him to leave. He refused. He argued. He made smart remarks and derogatory remarks. He happens to be a state senator married to a local politician. When my security officer took him out - he went to tattle. The boss immediately "forgot" the agreement we made back in August and demanded that I allow him to attend. I refused. She demanded. I left it with her and walked out.

Of course, she wanted a private meeting after it was over to discuss my transgressions. I also refused that. I will not meet with her again without representation. If she has any more meetings with us as a group, I will record them - on my cell phone as a video and download to the internet if I must - to prove what happens. (Hey Lisa - I may need help with that!)

Now I need a margarita.....

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