Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catch Up

The past few days have absolutely flown by, so this will be a catch up edition.

Sunday, I started the day in 4 different grocery stores trying to find pre-made sausage balls. A friend's parents had invited me to the family Christmas party. I was asked to bring sausage balls. I had no desire to play in the mess and make them, so I was on a mission. I finally found them, thanks to a helpful clerk. The party was fun. I was asked to serve as a buffer between my friend and his parents. It didn't do much good. They were still on his case constantly.

Monday was back to work. I spent most of the day playing Free Cell. We were released at 2, but I didn't head home. I went to Big K to shop for a few things still on my list. Then I went to my favorite Mexican spot for a chicken quesadilla. I ended my evening by joining my officemate/friend and several of her church members singing carols at a nursing home. That was fun and fulfilling.

Tuesday was another work day, with dismissal at 12. I did a few things, but not much. The boss did try to call me in for a conference, but I refused without representation. We made an appointment for next year. Then, since she couldn't have me, she called ALL of us in and made lots of snide remarks. I ignored her. When the day was over, I cleared my desk and wrapped presents. That took a while. I left there about 4, just in time for a party. For 19 years I taught at West End High School. Despite the fact that WEHS made AYP and was declared a Bronze level school through US News and World Report, the school was closed in May 2008. This party was a reunion of faculty and staff members from West End during the past twenty years or so. I really enjoyed it - even if I did have to answer the same questions over and over - especially about the twins, who grew up, cut their teeth, and were pampered by the entire staff there.

Wednesday. This morning I again helped my friend and her church members serve the homeless. They made lunch. I just helped decorate and serve. It was a nice event - and I am pleased to have been a small part of it. After that, Prince 2 invited me to lunch - his treat! Too bad I wasn't very hungry, but it was great company! Later, I joined my friend for a candlelight service at our church, followed by a brief visit with his parents. We then returned to his house where we piled onto the sofa and settled in to watch the classic "It's A Wonderful Life".

That hits the highlights. Have a great holiday everyone!

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Bon Don said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!! Fun, but busy! :)
Now I'm tired.