Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life After Law School

I have recently discovered what many people do after law school.

They play on FACEBOOK all day.

I have gained numerous "friends" from my law school days through invitations in Facebook. I have planted and work a FARM in FARMVILLE where friends are my neighbors and send me gifts each day - and ask for gifts in return. It is so pleasant to find a lemon tree or a cow in my gift box! And I can give them a chicken or a fig tree in return. And we pleasantly agree to help out our neighbors when they are overcome by weeds. How nice.

And I get regular updates from all my friends - telling about their day and plans. Everything I wanted to know. And the pictures are so nice!

One thing I never expected was to "meet" my next door neighbor on Facebook. My sons are Friends with her - and she asked to be added as my friend as well. We have chatted a bit - but never met face to face.

Don't you just love the world of cyberspace? I do!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School

Sales - new clothes - a new ink pen and a clean notebook - I always loved the rituals associated with going back to school. Guess that is why I became a teacher. I still enjoy these things - but I have come to hate this time of the year.

I work in the attendance department of a school system.

While attendance is not my job, during the back to school event, it becomes my job.

Every morning when I get to work, there are already families lined up in the hallway waiting to be served. Parents do not come alone. They bring all the kids, the neighbor and the neighbor's kids, along with their third cousin who is in town for an extended visit and all of her kids. Inevitably, the kids scream and cry - constantly. Or they whine. Yes, it is hot - what sea of humanity in a crowded hallway is not hot? Yes, there are no amenities. We are an office building, not a daycare center or restaurant. We will assist you as soon as possible, but you do realize there are about a hundred people ahead of you. I understand that you must get back to work after your lunch hour. I have the same problem. We have been working all summer - and had two months when no one came in the office and we could have processed your enrollment in half of your lunch hour, but you chose to wait until the day before school starts to come in. Yes, you must have all the required paperwork for me to complete your enrollment - and you may have to come back if you don't have it. It is the law - and I'm sorry, but I don't know you well enough to go to jail for you.

I managed to get home after only an extra hour at work today.

School starts in the morning - and I have been assigned to assist with enrollment at a high school with a new principal. Should be great fun. Can you tell I can hardly wait?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


There is something really comforting about sleeping in your own bed - with all the good stuff that goes with it! After a good 8 hours, I feel much better.

Today should be busy and fun. I am about to get groceries - one of those necessary evil things to do, made only slightly better by the fact that I can now shop without the distractions of clothing, shoes, electronics, etc. Just the food. I love it.

After that, I may take a nap. Should be fun. Another stretch in my own bed.

Dinner plans with an old friend who has a girlfriend who does not understand that he can have a good friend who is female. This is so childish. But I am willing to meet the bitch - whoops, I mean lady - and let her see for herself that I am no threat to her.