Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vacation - Day 3

Can you say slug?

That was me. All day. I never moved, despite good intentions.

About 7, Prince 2 showed up, knocking at my door and informing me that he is here for the rest of the week. Cool. No more lonely. Just double the expenses as he eats a lot. He won't eat the stuff that I eat either. Oh well.

He wanted to dine at his favorite local seafood spot, so we took off down the beach. It was closed. We went to Waly World to gather his foods and pick up a swimsuit for him as he couldn't find any of his. Then we went on a hunt for an open restaurant. That was harder than expected. We finally found a place in Pier Park open and managed to find something we could afford. Pronouncement: Very Good.

He got the DVD player working, so we/I watched a movie. He left in the middle to visit with friends from when he lived here last winter.

Alone again, naturally.

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