Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time Flies!

I just happened to log into my blog site and realized that I have not posted in several months. Oh well. Time flies.

I am sitting at my kitchen table with two friends who are creating blogs. One is doing this for a class and the other as a learning process. I am just along for the ride. So, I decided to add a post and update the cyber world with my latest antics.

Keeping a day job and practicing law keep me busy when I let them. I have a lot I need to do with my practice that slides by since no one keeps tabs on me and I am working for peanuts or nothing. I have managed to have my first and second court appearances. The first was in family court helping a nice young woman get a protection from abuse. The second was with a guy accused of misdemeanor assault in municipal court. I managed to get him down to a reasonable fine where he felt like the amount paid was worth it for having pummeled the other guy's face to hamburger meat. Let me tell you that chivalry is not dead, just illegal in most places.

I do have a couple of suits that need to be filed fairly soon and, if we are lucky, will result in reasonable settlements for my clients. I don't expect to win what I am asking for, just to get something for the effort I make and the hell they caused my clients.

Along with a couple of close friends and fellow advocates, we have started a site called Education Legal Services. We have a web site with that name (.com) and a facebook page. Check us omore consistent with posting.ut and contact us if you have questions or concerns about your child's educational rights and privileges. I can also be contacted for any legal concerns at

I will try to be more consistent with posting, but I make no promises. Later.