Friday, December 12, 2008


I have a will. It should be simple. Anyone over 18 can have a will - if you have the capacity to understand what you are doing - and capacity is easier to have for a will than for a contract.

So why was my wills exam the worst one I have had in four years of law school?

I spent more than two hours taking the exam. That has never happened before. I am usually among the first to finish and do fairly well. I did finish in the first ten or so, but we were all hanging with it.

Part of the problem is that there were two sections of the class - two different teachers - but only one exam. The other teacher wrote the multiple choice section of the exam. My teacher wrote the short answer questions. They will grade the tests the same way. My teacher felt that a couple of the multiple choice questions were poorly written, so he allowed us to write explanations as to why we chose our answers.

I filled in the back of 21 pages of the test with my reasons - and explained a widow's elective share on the 22nd page. The test had 23 pages of questions.

Maybe I talked my way through it. I can only hope.

And I did follow it with not just one but TWO margaritas.

I slept well.

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Twisted Lisa said...

I'm sure you did fine! I don't like it when a professor has to give a test written by another teacher...except in the case of contracts...they were just all multistate questions.