Friday, November 28, 2008

Just when you think

that everything is going well - working in your favor - then all hell breaks loose and you find out that you are being screwed 90 ways to Sunday.

That is the way I feel today.

The man I am in a relationship with sent me mail today - I thought. It seemed to be a love letter. "I miss your kiss - your hugs - being held in your arms."

I read a bit closer and discovered the letter was written TO him and was not FROM him.

I was crushed. I am hurt. I wanted to scream and cry and beat the hell out of him.

Why did this letter come to me? I may never know. I followed it with an "it's all over" letter. This time I mean it. I have to be through. I can't take anymore heart ache and pain caused by screwed up, cheating men.

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