Saturday, November 15, 2008


One week ago I decided to blog.

I know, it hasn't been that long so it may be very early for reflections, but I am in that kind of mood, so here goes.

I am sad that I only have one follower to date - and no comments regarding any of my posts. If anyone can tell me how to get better read, please do.

I am pleased that Prince 3 got a job this week. Maybe soon he will again pay his own car note and phone bill.

I am proud that Prince 2 got his GED this week. I knew he could do it, he knew he could do it, but he wouldn't try for the longest. Now it is over and he can move ahead. I now hope he takes advantage of his opportunities.

I am happy that Prince 1 chose to spend a part of his birthday with me. He even got a tear in his eye when he read my card. Was it from the lovely sentiment written inside or the size of the check included? I'll never know.

At work, I had a short week. The school system was shut down on Tuesday for Veterans' Day. On Thursday, I took a half day off to attend a City Leaders Breakfast. On Friday, I took the entire day off. I went to the doctor to get my prescriptions filled. He was pleased. My blood pressure (top number) was down 65 points and my weight was down 33 pounds. All since June. I got six months worth of my meds and we all left happy. My hearings were few since I was not at work much, but the reports are still on my desk waiting to be written.

At school, I had a better than expected score on my pop test from last week, so my ego was soothed a bit there. The MPRE is over, so I can concentrate on preparing for the MBE again with my studies. I am keeping up fairly well for an old lady.

At home, I need to make major improvements. I feel like my house is falling down around me and I am drowning in clutter. But it doesn't matter enough to me to do anything about it - and it doesn't matter at all to anyone else who lives here. I know it would help if everyone would do even ten minutes a day of cleaning - but it just doesn't happen. I feel so overwhelmed by mess that I won't even start the process. It has to happen though - even if it a few months down the road. I must get the house together and then try to sell it.

All in all, life is good.

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Twisted Lisa said...

Congrats on the Doc visit!

Just give your blog some time...comment on other blogs...and keep writing!