Monday, November 10, 2008


Monday means mail. I love to check my mail box and find interesting stuff in there addressed to me. I miss that minor thrill on Sundays and holidays.

Today in my mail was a catalog called Bare Necessities. Yes, it is what you think - an underwear catalog. Mostly it is well-developed women modeling matching sets of rather modest undies. My favorite part was the few hot shots of male models. What really shocked me though was the prices. A plain white cotton tee shirt - shown on a Chippendale quality male - sold for only $88. That is not a typo folks, I said $88. For one white cotton tee shirt to wear under the dress shirt. Guess you can tell I won't be shopping from that catalog - especially for the men in my life. WallyWorld has plain white tee shirts for a whole lot less. In fact, I could dress one of my guys from the skin out for that amount.

Monday also meant back to work for me. My morning was not too bad - two girls with attitudes who want to be as grown as their teachers and push them around. Easy dealings. The afternoon was more challenging, although not in the way I expected. My first afternoon appointment was with a woman whose other son I saw last week - and she was not happy with me at all. I do believe that she used the words "stupid-ass honky bitch who graduated from that second-rate Birmingham school system" when she called me Friday to tell me she would have her attorney with her today. Somehow I never started shaking in my boots. She just didn't show up at all. Fine by me. But the next mama was almost worse. Her son had - without provocation - beat another student in the head until he fell to the floor and he had directed at least two other students to slap the boy as well. Mama seems to think that is perfectly alright and had at least ten different excuses for his behavior that she spouted over and over. She actually stated that the school system should hire someone to sit with her son all day to help him control his temper. How about she just uses some good old-fashioned ass-whipping?

Also today was my attempt to fulfill my civic duty. I attended the local school system's Board of Education meeting. Sometimes I am really not at all sure why I do that. Tonight was one of those nights. I do, however, get some minor amusement from the members of the Board attempting to ask "intelligent" questions on educational issues when they really don't know squat and the ignorance shines through.

It was Monday.

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