Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Prince 1!

Happy Birthday to my eldest son! He turned 23 today. We met for lunch at Olive Garden - his favorite spot for birthday dinners and other important stuff for the past few years. Joined by his brothers, we had a pleasant meal. They all had the Tour of Italy, but I can't eat that much at all, so I had lasagne. Prince 1 asked that I bring the cake along, so we had that for dessert. We all left full and happy.

Prince 1 has been growing his hair for several months - and it now is longer than mine. I kid him frequently about what a pretty girl he makes with all that hair. I was pleased when he informed me that his girlfriend had given him a haircut at an expensive salon with a stylist that specializes in curly hair. We all asked for a picture via phone after the cut. Hours later, still no picture, so I sent a text requesting it. He sent the picture. I was so disappointed. The hair was merely trimmed a bit - not cut into a manly style as I had hoped. Oh well. Maybe someday he will see the need for a professional look.

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