Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Tonight I went to a revival with one of my co-workers. At first I was thinking - "Why do I bother to keep my word when no one else does?" Then I realized that I was where I was meant to be.

Earlier as I left work:
Phone rings. Prince 1 is calling: Mom?
Me: Yes dear?
Prince 1: Brother is not feeling good and wants you to stop and get him some medicine.
Me: What is wrong with him?
Prince1: He has a sore throat, cough, body ache. He says get Robitussin and Chicken Noodle soup.
Me: OK. I'll be home soon.

I get in the grocery store. Phone rings. Prince 3 is calling: Mom?
Me: Yes, Son.
Prince 3: You aren't gonna like this.
Me (dreading what comes next): OK. What is it.
Prince 3: I got a speeding ticket.
Me: But you don't even have a driver's license (he lost it by not paying three speeding tickets earlier this year).
Prince 3: I know. I gave them Brother's (other state) license.
Me: I'm hanging up now. I am too mad to talk to you.

The next call was from Prince 1: Mom?
Me: Yes.
Prince 1: Don't come home.
Me: I don't think I will. (I am hearing Princes 2 and 3 scream at each other using violent threats and curses)

I drove up to the house, put the meds and soup out of the car and left. I went to church for revival. Now I feel MUCH better.

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