Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Day

In comparison to that "sunny day" that is often sung about, I am having a lazy day.

I have still not gotten dressed yet today. I did put on flip-flops and a snuggly robe though. It gets cold at my computer.

Not sure of the reason for this lazy day. It could be a couple of things:

1. Depression: After the post I made last about the break-up, I suppose I may be having a delayed reaction depression now that some of the anger has subsided. Added to the fact that I don't usually take prozac on weekends, this could get serious.

2. Boredom: Despite the fact that I work a full-time job, attend law school part-time, have two kids still at home, sit on the Board of Directors for two state professional organizations and for two non-profits, I am easily bored. Guess I am a little ADHD in that I need to have my mind constantly engaged.

3. Avoidance of housework: I hate housework. I would love to live in an immaculate home that would happily grace the pages of Southern Living, but I just can't stand to clean it. And I can't afford to hire it done at the moment. And the two princes that live here with me don't see a need for any clean up process. So, it overwhelms me and never gets done.

I did have a couple of minor bursts of energy today. I gathered garbage from around my room to be taken out - and washed three loads of clothes. No much, but on days like this, you take what you can get.


Twisted Lisa said...

maybe this blog will make you feel better about your breakup...

Legal Diva said...

I found you from Lisa... I'm in law school too. And do you have twins? I thought I read that somewhere. I have 5 kids- including my twins that will be turning 8 tomorrow. Its non-stop thats for sure.

Sorry about the breakup. Someday when you are a kick-ass lawyer, he will be sorry he was such a jackass.

red_queen said...

Thanks Legal Diva. Yes - Princes 2 and 3 are identical twins, now 19 years old - and difficult to boot.

If you own Blackacre, what happened to Able, Baker and Charlie?