Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

It started as a wonderful day. I woke up about 7, dressed and left the house, stopping by MickeyD's for my daily dose of Diet Dr. Pepper. I got to WallyWorld before they unlocked the doors. My sole purpose was to buy a USB port hub. I have way too many things that need to be plugged in and only two spots for USP connections on this computer. Of course, the wonders of Wally World attracted my attention and I found several things I just had to have in addition to that hub. I did get out of there for less than $100 though - and that in itself is an accomplishment.

Next stop - my office. I know. It is Sunday. But I have allowed the work to pile up this week by leaving the office early several times instead of getting it done before I go home. So, I had a stack of folders on my desk that needed to be handled.

You may be wondering at this point just what I do to earn money. Sometimes I wonder about that myself. My official title is Hearing Officer. In layman's terms, I expel students from school or send them to the alternative program - after I give them an opportunity for due process. Sometimes I actually reinstate them to school and direct the staff to do more interventions. I only get to see kids who have problems - whether it is the first time or the tenth. Very sad. Too many pressures on kids today - and not enough firm guidance from home for many of them. I don't need to start on parents today - I will save that for another.

Today I wrote reports that sent six students to alternative school and expelled two. That was only since Wednesday - and doesn't include the two I expelled on Thursday since I had already typed those reports and mailed them. Those two get a calendar year as they were gun related. The other two today - one can come back in January and the other needs to move on to a GED program. That makes me a racist meanie, according to the parent. Oh well.

When the reports got done, I did a bit of preparation for my final exam in Wills. The teacher gave us a list of statutes to know and certain parts of the Uniform Probate Code to be familiar with. I compiled all the information into one 57 page document. Now I have a month to memorize it. Wonder how many of my classmates would be willing to pay for the compilation? Maybe I could pick up a few bucks.....

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