Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Accentuate the positive

I really wanted to write some scathing negative comments tonight, but I had to tell myself that it would accomplish no real purpose. So I will try to be upbeat and positive.

It was a lovely fall day. Winds blew the leaves through the parking lot at work and caused their multitude of colors to form a beautiful fall array. I had lunch with my friend at her school - actual lunchroom food - that was pretty good. Best of all, it was shared not only with my friend, but also with several of her coworkers. We had several good laughs and lots of camaraderie. I did enjoy that.

Had a mandatory meeting at the office later. We saw two videos on homelessness and the McKinnie-Vento act that governs education of the homeless. I will withhold comments on that other than to say that I feel the act may go a bit too far in giving some of these kids something they have not earned. On the other hand, there but for the grace of God go I.

Had another lively conversation with the parent from Monday that still just doesn't seem to understand. She claims she gave the school a piece of paper from the doctor when her child was in elementary school and someone at the Board told her it should be in his file. The paper is not in his file at the school. She has moved and changed his school four times since she claims she gave the school the paper. For whatever reason, the paper is gone. No school official can call the doctor and get another piece of paper giving the child's diagnosis. Mom has to get that and then give it to us. She claims she did. We are in a vicious circle. I can't produce the piece of paper - nor can the school - and mama won't get another because some nameless person at the Board told her it should be in the file. She just can't understand that "should" and "is" are two different things.

I do feel good about a bargain I picked up tonight. Prince 3 finally got a job. He will be working for the same company as Prince 2, but in a different location. They are required to wear a shirt of a specific color - and it must be 60% cotton and 40% polyester (or something) so that it is very soft knit. They heard the shirt could be found at a local discount store, so they met me there after class and I bought two of the shirts - one for each prince. Only $20 each. Ugh. But I did find a pair of shorts on the clearance rack by my favorite designer for only $3. They came with a really cute black belt - and I would have paid more than $3 for the belt, so I really feel like it was a great purchase, even if I have to wait 6 months to wear the shorts. The belt will get worn before that!

The two princes have gone to a movie with a friend - and I am home alone again. It is late though and tomorrow is another day. I will climb under my covers and read until I sleep. Nite!

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