Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another Saturday Night

It is another Saturday night. On these evenings, I am reminded of that song: Another Saturday night and I ain't got no money -
Seems like that is always the way it is for me. I get paid, I pay the bills. I'm broke.
The story of a mom with three sons - two still living at home and costing me big time. They keep promising to move out, but it just doesn't happen. So they stay home and I stay broke.

Now to give you a bit more about me, since we are just beginning our friendship here. I am past middle age, actually just entered the "senior savings" stage. I have been married twice and have three sons, as previously mentioned. I work full time and go to school part time, at least for a few more months since I will graduate in May. Internet bridge is my favorite passtime. I actually love my job, but I generally don't like my boss. My co-workers are mostly wonderful and I have an awesome secretary. I am also owned by an 80-pound lap dog who sheds heavily and eats constantly.

I decided to start blogging as I enjoy writing and don't often get the chance to write strictly for pleasure. I feel that is important. I think I may have some things to share with the world. We'll see how it goes.

Back to Saturday nights. The football game just ended and my team won today, unlike the past few Saturdays. I am not a fair-weather fan - I am AUBURN all the way. But I am not an obnoxious fan - not loud and ostentatious. I just quietly wear my Auburn shirts and post those silly jokes that come through my inbox on my office door. My oldest son tried Alabama, but was never a football fan. The other two were Auburn fans with me as long as Auburn was winning. This year, they are Alabama fans - almost to the point that I expect them to move into a trailer, buy a pick-up truck and hang a shotgun in the back window. Stereotypical Alabama fan syndrome. I hope not.

Since the game is ended, I need to find something else to watch. I am a huge Lifetime fan, so I will find a movie rerun there to entertain myself. If I am awake, I may play bridge a bit later with some internet friends from all over the world. We play this tournament at 11:00 p.m. EST to accommodate our friends from Down Under. Keeps me up late - and I have become a big fan of sleep. While I decide, I will curl up in my bed with a good romance novel and probably fall asleep.

Another Saturday night with the redqueen.

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