Sunday, November 16, 2008


Not much.

It was Sunday. I slept late - till after 10. I waked up Princes 2 and 3 so they could be at work by 11. They did not appreciate my efforts. But they got up and went to work.

I crawled back in bed and started on MicroMash. After a few quizzes, I decided to get breakfast. After that, I hung up all my summer clothes that were piled on the bed. And I hung the fall/winter clothes that were on the bed in a different pile as well. Not that the bed got cleared, but it is better organized and the tv is now visible from my pillow. I found the rest of my cosmetics too! Maybe I will start using them more. No promises though.

I did venture outside - and found it much colder than expected. I may need my heavy coat in the morning. I will look at the weather before I dress.

Until tomorrow.....

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