Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Old, New, Treasured, True


In the past month, I have reconnected with an old friend. It has been amazing that we can pick up our friendship right where it left off a year ago. I am still unsure as to why we needed a break, but I am sure I will find out at some point. It has been nice.
I have also had the chance to see a couple of other old friends. One friend's mother passed away and I went to the graveside service. We had not spoken in several years after some very harsh words were passed. It was nice to be there for her in spite of the rift - and I do believe she appreciated it.
Another old friend was there as well - and it was nice to see him as well. I do hope we can get together for lunch soon - or I may have to string him up! For someone retired, the Wolfman stays very busy!

New friends are becoming a part of my life as well. There are some through school - some through blogging - and some through my new online chapter of sorority. I am excited about the prospects of having these new influences in my life - and sharing bits and pieces of the daily grind with them.

All friends are treasures - jewels, gemstones, silver and gold. Precious in so many different ways. I am grateful for all of my friends - and thankful they are a part of my life!

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