Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Should I just go to bed now?

Today has been a terrible, horrible really bad day.

I woke up with a headache - a rarity these days. Sinus I'm afraid. One eye swollen shut. Nasty.

I went to work. It was ok - except that I had to deal with a situation that seems to be lingering much longer than it should. Little LaFontanya - a 7th grader who threatened her teacher last November - has been trying for two weeks to leave the alternative program and return to the school where she did her damage. The teacher did sign a petition for LaFontanya's arrest, but the school had been given a bogus address. The sheriff went to arrest LaFontanya and found no such address, so the case was closed. When teacher saw LaFontanya back at school, she went off and demanded that something be done. We explained to grandma - mama is locked up at county - that LaFontanya had to stay in alternative school until her case has been fully resolved by the court in accordance with state law. Then grandma went off one me because her sweet baby cannot be so bad that she has to be locked up. Sometime between last Tuesday and today, they took LaFontanya to court and now they want to take her back to school again. That ain't happening yet. She is on six months probation with the court - so she stays in alternative school for six months. All that made me late to my hearing.

Only one hearing. Easy. Done quickly. I gather my stuff and head back to the office.

It begins to sprinkle rain. So, I am going slowly - about 58 on the interstate. I look up and see the big gray car of a state trooper by my side. He drops back and turns on the blue lights. I pull over. Then pull over further. Then he gets on his speaker and tells me to pull over even further. I did. He then comes to my passenger side, but I can't roll down the window as it is broken. He opens the door. He informed me that I was driving without a seat belt on. He got my license and insurance. He also asked about my cracked windshield. Next thing I know, I have not just one, but TWO tickets to pay by April 20.

I am taking half a day off so I can go to court with Prince 3. We meet and go to court. He pleads not guilty, we get a court date of April 1 and leave.

Now Prince 2 is stuck downtown with no gas. He expects me to come take care of it.

No wonder my head aches.

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Bon Don said...

OMGosh you poor thing! Talk about a really bad day :(