Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winding Down

As I savor the last few minutes of my vacation, I have many thoughts about how I spent my time. I know I stayed in bed way too much and was down in the dumps even more.

At this point, I am energized. I had my B-12 shot and I am ready to go back to work. Eleven days off in a row is almost more than I can stand. How did I ever manage teaching with ten weeks off in the summer?

I have a list of at least twenty things that need to be done immediately in the morning. I just hope that I have a few minutes to take care of some of them before the crowd rushes in. We usually have a large influx of new students after the break - and I have to help get them registered. Add the fact that 7 of the 9 students that needed to come for conferences didn't show and will probably show in the morning. And I have hearings that start at 11:30.

It will be a busy day. I'm so ready for it!

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