Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I am amazed at the bigotry displayed by some members of my community regarding the upcoming speech by the President to school children.

Without a clue as to what will be said, the format in which it will be said or the content in which it will be said, members of the community are violently opposed to the speech and refuse to even hear the common sense side of it.

One woman posted that she recalled "whatshisname" (actually Bush 1) speaking to students when she was in school but does not recall what was said and believes today's children will be much the same. She was attacked as being stupid for not remembering and thinking someone's children may have poor memories.

Let's be for real here. Most children will never recall in five, ten or twenty years what was said. Many will not even recall that the POTUS spoke to them via tv. It is no longer an important event for kids to watch something on tv in school. Kids see everything from Sesame Street to movies of Hitler's army annihilating the Jews on a regular basis at school. What makes a speech from the POTUS so controversial? Especially when his topic is scheduled to be The Importance of Education?

It certainly is beyond the scope of my understanding.

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