Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life After Law School

I have recently discovered what many people do after law school.

They play on FACEBOOK all day.

I have gained numerous "friends" from my law school days through invitations in Facebook. I have planted and work a FARM in FARMVILLE where friends are my neighbors and send me gifts each day - and ask for gifts in return. It is so pleasant to find a lemon tree or a cow in my gift box! And I can give them a chicken or a fig tree in return. And we pleasantly agree to help out our neighbors when they are overcome by weeds. How nice.

And I get regular updates from all my friends - telling about their day and plans. Everything I wanted to know. And the pictures are so nice!

One thing I never expected was to "meet" my next door neighbor on Facebook. My sons are Friends with her - and she asked to be added as my friend as well. We have chatted a bit - but never met face to face.

Don't you just love the world of cyberspace? I do!

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